Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Year of the BLOG

So what's a "blog" anyway?

Who blogs? Why is it called a "blog?" I never became particular partial to that word- it's just silly and you sound funny saying "blog." (Example: "Honey, I have to go write my blog now.") Not that I've spent even more than a second thinking up a better, more descriptive word that could redefine the world of blogging, but seriously, is "blog" the best they could come up with?

My first invitation to blogging was through my sister-in-law's ever-entertaining "Mommy Files" where I was able to peek in on the life and times of my sweet nephew from 150 miles away. Since our entire family was soaking in their share of Colin cravings, when Elaina was born, my family was on me like the mafia to begin sharing Elaina's life. Some people wait until the beginning of a new year or new month to begin sharing their life, and me; well, I started on a random Tuesday night all of one year ago. It's my blog-o-versary! Hurray!

(That was just pretend excitement, just in case you felt the same "hurray!" bubbling inside of you!)

Honestly, I am excited about having an entire year of Elaina's life and memories just a click away; forever memorialized in pictures and print. An entire year of Elaina's life that I was able to share with those who love her dearly, both near and far. I love my blog!

More importantly, I love Elaina! I love Elaina more than words could ever express. I write my blog for her. Having friends and family peek into follow along is a great bonus, but this is my gift to her for the rest of her life. It's true that my family, specifically Elaina's grandparents and great- grandparents, strongly urged me to begin her story, but I've always been a record-keeper of sorts. I value history and making memories. My beautiful baby will never again be a cuddly, round newborn to kiss and cradle and she will never again have her first birthday party. But, for me, I don't have to worry about trying to remember "the way she used to be, " I can simply click on a given day and there she is! Learning to crawl across the floor, deciding to walk just as mommy gets on the phone and her visits with her extended family who love her so much. That's pretty worthwhile if you ask me.

Like I said, I write for Elaina. Some stories just pop up randomly, but what a better way for Elaina to get the feel of who her mom was that one crisp day in October or how she felt over the most mundane of circumstance. I have visions of snuggling down with Elaina when she's only a few years older and reading her my journal entries from that same day, years ago, as her bedtime stories. And wouldn't it be incredible for Elaina to read these same stories to her kids while tucking them into bed? How about a reference for Elaina to use as she raises her children in the same loving way? This is a story of our journey together as a family and the struggles we faced to get here.

Upon Elaina's adoption, some people had asked, "How and when will you tell Elaina that she is adopted?" Well, the answer is simple. She'll just know. See how this all works into my blog entries at bedtime? Her adoption isn't a secret. It's nothing that we're embarrassed about or afraid to admit. Elaina's adoption is a miracle! For this reason, I feel a certain sense of duty to share it with anyone interested in reading about it. Elaina will know about her sisters in heaven who have become angels and her adoption story in how our family united and made the commitment to love her until the end of time. She will know that there hasn't been a single day in her entire life that she wasn't loved more than anything. We fell in love with her the moment we heard that she existed. Not so much different than an biological expectant mother. This is and will always be her story.

With this said, I will admit that in pretty much all of postings, I rave about my dear sweet daughter. And for that, I make no apologies. I never will. If you can't be your child's biggest fan, who should be? I can assure you that I don't fabricate, re-create or sugar coat any of her adventures. What would be the point? This is her history unfolding, not just a pretty picture of what my wishes would be. If it seems as though all I ever do is "brag" or "boast" about my girl, well... it's probably true. Most assuredly, I always will. Next to her daddy, I am Elaina's biggest fan. And I'm PROUD!

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a little girl. After many years and too much heartache later, my dream finally came true. Elaina is everything I have always wanted and more. You may ask, "How is she 'more?'" Well, simply put, she is my heart. Yeah, it sounds kinda mushy, but seriously, for not giving birth to this child, she is all mine. She was custom made for Eric and me. She is incredible, amazing, intelligent, sincere and silly. As I sit back and look into the eyes of my 20 month-old daughter, her purity and innocence overwhelm me. She is pure and utter joy!

So now you know my sappy emotions over loving my daughter and my infatuation with preserving memories for her. My blog is a written collection of loving stories, achievements, favorite activities and the ups and downs that come with being a kid and a mom. My intention would never be to indirectly criticize another's parenting skills or pass judgment upon their activities and never to try to create a "standard" of what every other kid should be doing. This is Elaina. Every kid is unique by design. This blog isn't my soapbox to proclaim that my child is the greatest in the entire world. She is just the greatest thing in my world!

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Kelsey said...

Happy blog-o-versary! There is an author blog I read, written by Lois Lowry, who wrote a post a while back about how much she disliked the word blog. She said it reminded her of the sound kids make when they are sick with the stomach flu. There's a new image for the word! Dork alert: blog came about as a shortened version of "web log" so there you go.

I love reading about Elaina exactly as you write about her. Despite the fact that my style tends to be more of the "Why is this insane child trying to kill me?" variety, I would hope that my readers can also tell I love Harper. For me parenting is just a lot harder (and harder in different ways) than I anticipated and I feel a need to be really clear about that. But I have no doubt that we love Harper just as much as you love Elaina.

Harper is still asking for me to play that video, by the way, so if we ever do get together it will be like meeting a celebrity!

Thanks for sharing your stories with us!