Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Reasons to Smile

No more complaining.

I'm renewed, recharged and refreshed. I took the afternoon off from work today in order to take Keegan to the vet. Okay, so his appointment was at 2:45 and I left work at 12:30. I justified to myself that I was worthy of some down time all alone. (Alone, except for our busy sawdust maker upstairs.) Also, I was rewarding myself for the "dirty work" I had to do all by myself. I had to collect a sample of Keegan's pee to take into the doctor. Me? What? And, How? Let's just cross this off of the things- I- never- wanted- to- do- before- I- die list. But, I did it! I'll be happy to share my tip if you should ever find yourself in a similar situation in order to fulfill your list as well.

And this is why the rest of my evening was great!

* Keegan was well behaved at the vet's office. ( He has an enlarged prostate and blood work results coming in soon.)

* I picked Elaina up at the sitter's house and she greeted me with a squealy, surprised, "Mom-Mee!!"

* Nancy (the sitter) showed me a favorite book of Elaina's and asked if we had the same one at home. She thought that would be the case since Elaina is able to identify every one of the animals in the book as if she had seen it before. The only exception was the dolphin which she called a fish. Smarty!

* My entire upstairs was not covered in sawdust, just the hallway!! Which Eric cleaned up!!

* I didn't have to cook a full dinner since Eric had a double meeting night.

* Elaina and I snuggled down and watched Sesame Street of which I remember nothing until she crawled over me when it was over.

* Elaina ate a great dinner of 2 chicken tenders and a piece of string cheese! (It's all relative, folks!)

* As she was eating off her "special plate" she kept saying "Poo. Poo." I found myself wondering why my child is talking about such a topic during her dinner until I realized that she was pointing at Winnie the Pooh and "pig" (Piglet) on her special plate.

* Finally.... if I can force myself to limit my blog reading to only my favorites, peel my hiney away from the computer chair without reading e-mail or scouring ebay for nothing I need and not get sidetracked by the laundry waiting to be put away, I'll be in bed by 11:00!! I'm gonna do it!

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Kelsey said...

I hope you made it to bed early! I can relate to snoozing while the child is engaged in some quality PBS. Happens here a lot, but mostly in the morning. Harper will climb in bed to watch Curious George and before I know it Clifford is on.

Don't worry about the darn dolphins, we have books with dolphins and those still trip Harper up! :-)