Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The toast, the teeth and the Indian

Random, huh? Not so creative with a title to summarize our day any better than stated above.

First off, The Toast.
So, you all know Elaina right? The child of my dreams, the one I could squeeze into pieces? And did I ever make mention of how she rarely eats? Oh, yeah... that one! This morning, baby girl's belly must have woke her from her slumber as when I picked her out of her crib, she wanted to eat. Usually, I'll be the one to retrieve her from bed with kisses and hugs and proceed to lay her down next to Eric to cuddle up and watch Noggin with daddy in bed for a little while. This morning she didn't want anything to do with daddy, Noggin or cuddling. She made it perfectly clear that she wanted to eat and she wanted toast. Well ookayyy! Now, if she could just wake up hungry for some vegetables one day!

Moving on, about The Teeth.
Eric and I were scheduled for our regular 6 month cleaning dental appointment this evening. Promise not to fall out of your chair, but I really love our dentist. He's really a good guy and his staff is about as personable as you'll ever find. Eric's former boss had recommended him when Eric worked in Cleveland and Eric has since persuaded me to see him too. The deal went something like this: Since we're driving an hour away to get our chompers cleaned, we'll be making a date night of it and going out to dinner afterward. Deal. This has been the agreement for almost 6 years already and I'm guaranteed a dinner date with my husband at least every six months. It works. We took Elaina with us so that we'd be able to enjoy some time with her today and staggered our appointment times to be with her in the waiting room. (She wasn't a patient tonight.) Elaina was so well behaved the entire time. She played in the kid's clubhouse area for over an hour and even held her own while playing with a 7 year old boy. I was impressed to see her comfort level with another kid whom she's never seen before and that she acted so grown up in all of her 20 months.

Finally, about The Indian.
That's Indian food by the way. Upon finishing our dental appointments, we decided upon an Indian restaurant for dinner. Elaina ate her standard rations of applesauce and Indian onion and garlic bread, with a chaser of Goldfish crackers. The cutest part about our dining experience is when Eric and Elaina took notice of the rhythmic Indian music playing in the background. Eric showed Elaina how to bop her head up and down and shake her fists in the air with her elbows bent to rock out to the beat. Only writing about it hardly does justice to how insanely cute it was.

If one were inclined to ask how Elaina enjoyed her family date out and this would be my response:

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Kelsey said...

I have had so much fun catching up on Elaina stories since we got back. Glad to see you've had some good days to follow the icky sick ones!