Sunday, May 27, 2007

Company is Calling...

and it sounds like 4 little monkeys let loose from their cages!

Actually, I am very much exaggerating. On Friday evening, our very good friends came into town to visit for the weekend. It just so happens that they have 3 daughters of their own who are ages 2, 4 and 6. Throw in our almost- 2 year old and newborn and the grown-ups are out numbered by far.

We've made Memorial Day weekend a tradition of sorts that we look forward to Derek and Beth coming to visit for a long weekend. One spark of our tradition just happens to be an extraordinary neighborhood garage sale in Beth's parents' allotment. After much catching up and late bedtimes for all of us on Friday evening, Beth and I woke at 6:30 to get a jump start on our 30 minutes drive to reach our destination and the treasures we hoped to find when the sales opened at 8:00. Aside from the great bargains we pick up along the way, one additional perk is that Beth's mom always has a delicious lunch prepared for us and we have a bathroom pit stop readily available. There's nothing to stand in our way from our treasure hunt. While we were out enjoying our girls' day spending money, Eric and Derek (grade-school friends) had the pleasure of looking after 5 little munchkins. It's my understanding that they took them to a nearby park which has a kid's roller coaster, ferris wheel and a terrific playground. When we arrived home, everyone was happy, smiling and intact. Looked as thought the guys did a great job of keeping everyone satisfied. I really didn't have any doubt.

On Sunday afternoon, we accepted the kind invitation of Beth's parents to join them for an afternoon Memorial Day cookout. Along with our family and Derek and Beth's family, we were joined by some more friends who have 3 children as well. Are you able to keep up with the kid count still? We're up to 8 kids under the age of 6! Three 2 year-olds, just for the record! When we first arrived the kids were in heaven as they played in the most incredible kid sized playhouse ever. Elaina and her friends enjoyed a tea party and lunch was served at their very own kid's sized bistro table and picnic table. Very soon following lunch, the sky opened up and ruined our party with the pouring rain. As opportunity would have it, we gathered up as many kids as we could wrangle inside and attempted a pose for a group photo. Do you even think this was easy? Check out the non-compliant toddler in front. Does the top of her head look familiar to anyone?

Pressing our luck once again, we chanced yet another try for a family photo. It wasn't the worst, but certainly not the most flattering. On a side note, I really didn't plan everyone of us in red. It just so happened that Elaina ended up in her back-up outfit after spilling applesauce on her pretty navy blue dress and Eric and I matched our reds just by coincidence. As for Lincoln, he was decked out in his mega sized 0-3 month red, white and blue summer outfit.By the time evening rolled around, we were all more than ready for some down time. One day soon, I truly believe that we'll get into a regular routine and adjust to somewhat of a schedule. As for now, we're having so much fun and loving every minute of it... just as long as we all get our well- earned naps!

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Kelsey said...

Looks like a fun weekend for everyone! Lincoln seems to do well with a busy social life. Glad to see everyone smiling.