Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Girls' Night Out

Since becoming a mom. And now a mom of two. And since turning 30. And now 32. I have discovered that a typical "Girls' Night Out" is better not sitting next to the bar slurping down random drinks from the happy hour menu and munching on overpriced appetizers and driving home hours later.

Nope. I'm over that. By far.
This evening I hosted the most fun girls' night at my house, inviting over my girlfriends from work and a few from my neighborhood. Of course, the highlight was for them to see Lincoln, but also do some catching up on girl talk that I have been missing as I've been out on maternity leave. (8 weeks by the way :-)
I have to say that I really have the best group of friends ever. I guess that if you're going to have friends, why not have the best ones? That I do and I know I am lucky. So a few of my friends came over after work bringing pizza and gifts as we sat around visiting and playing with the kids outside. This has definitely become my favorite kind of girls' night out with the best happy hour specials playing at our sides. My friend, Bevin brought her 2 kids and even Elaina's friend, "Owie" stopped by with her mom. (Owie is Elaina's pronunciation for Ali, short for Alison, of course.) This turned out to be a great evening spent with my friends and almost made me miss seeing them on a daily basis at work. Awe, who am I fooling? I'm all for staying at home with my 2 kids and having my friends join me after their work day. Alas, only kidding again... we like the freedom that 2 paychecks offer too and accept the sacrifices that come with that. Maybe one day. That's for real.
For the time being, I'll be soaking in plenty of mom time while I enjoy my maternity leave and I'll just have to remember to make the occasional phone call to keep up with my posse from work. Lord knows I'll be returning sooner than I'd like to think about.

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