Friday, May 18, 2007

The Little Brother

Anyone care to hear some Lincoln updates?

Well I'd say so- it's about time!Baby Lincoln is doing great! He is a great sleeper for nice stretches at a time, yet his belly timer goes off approximately every 3 hours letting us know he's ready to eat. He typically takes in about 3 ounces per feed and only spits up occasionally. After his feeds, it's usually hit or miss trying to get him to burp. I sometimes feel like I could be patting on his back for an hour and I still wouldn't be able to hear even a teensy belch from the little guy.

As it stands, he doesn't stay awake for very long periods of time and delights us when he looks around with those big, dark eyes. He has proven himself to be fairly mellow and hardly cries except when he's hungry or he's getting his diaper changed. The diaper change is a guarantee for a cry every last time. He's beginning to give me a complex.
Eric took him to the pediatrician for his very first well-baby check up today and reported back that the nurses stole Lincoln right from his arms in the waiting room. Apparently, our little guy is so cute, they couldn't wait to get their hands on him and ooh and aah over him. Eventually, they even invited Eric back to the waiting room and the doctor had her turn to check out the baby. Again, I love our pediatrician/ family doctor and she's been so excited to meet Lincoln and knows what it means to us to have him in our family.
For today's stats, Eric took great notes that Lincoln weighed in at 7 lbs. 6 oz. and is 19" long. Given that he was discharged from the hospital last Wednesday with a weight of 6 lbs. 6 oz., I feel that we've done a pretty good job of getting his little belly full and helping him to gain a pound in a week's time. Just as would be expected if he was within the womb still. Needless to say, I am very pleased. The little guy still has yet to fit into most of his clothes with the newborn size still a bit roomy. Little does he know, he has one incredible 0-6 month summer wardrobe awaiting him. Hopefully by mid-June, he'll be fitting into them just fine. The revolving door of the other grandparents is coming to visit tomorrow, bringing along even more clothes for our little sweetness. More pictures to follow...

3 Welcome Comments:

Heather said...

He is precious! I smile whenever I see a picture of him. But tell me, where did you get that unusal chair he is sitting in (it looks round!)

Anonymous said...

he is a doll. what a blessing. i keep up with your blogs a time or 2 per week and it is so much fun to read your updates. would love to see him and elaina one day. love, marianne

Kelsey said...

It looks like things are going so well. The other day Harper told me we should get a baby so she could feed it a bottle. How is Elaina adjusting? I'm sure she can be quite the helper.