Monday, May 28, 2007

Juggling Act

Can anyone believe that we have 2 kids?

2 kids people. Whoo, and I thought we were busy before this. Seriously though, I wouldn't trade any portion of our busy schedule or have it any other way. With the exception of a maid or personal chef or midnight baby feeder. But that's where I would draw the line. Eric and I are working more and more like a finely engineered machine a little more everyday and getting the feel of how to work as a team with a new player on the roster.
Since having a new baby join our family, I have a new found respect for single mothers everywhere. And single mom's of two? I don't even know how they do it. Sure some may have family around but I highly doubt that grandma is waiting by the crib for the slight whimper of a hungry infant at 3 in the morning, allowing mom a peaceful night's sleep until the next feeding at 6 a.m. I just don't get how they do it.
Let me just share with my most recent experience of having to get two kids out the door on time. Being that it is Memorial Day, our town has a parade that marches in front of our house up to the cemetery for a memorial service. Eric had left the house 2 hours prior to represent our local volunteer fire department in the neighboring town's parade and was expected to roll right on into our parade route shortly thereafter. Despite the fact that my kids are generally very good, there is no telling when the mood will strike that they become difficult. Making a long story short, I made my appearance out of the house without a shower and looking presentable with the aid of a ball cap, Elaina was dressed at the last minute and looked like a doll and Lincoln finally settled down as I tucked him snuggly in his car seat and then into the double stroller. For all of about 45 minutes leading up to that, I felt that I could have used about 8 extra hands in getting us all ready. That was just to make it to the end of the driveway. Did you hear that folks? To the end of the driveway to see a 5 minute parade! Yeah! Some friends and neighbors had gathered in front of our house and we all made our way to the cemetery for the 20 minute long memorial. I am pleased to say that both of our children were exceptionally well behaved for the duration. In conclusion of the service, so many friends and neighbors flocked around us to see Lincoln and express their joy in having him as a part of our family and admire our sweet little bundle of joy.
The remainder of the afternoon we were lazy and enjoyed some down time until it was time to clean up to meet some friends out for dinner. Elaina was just a little temperamental toward the end of our meal and we didn't stick around for long with her fragile mood. Once we started for home, she did a complete 180 and was pleasant as pie once again. In fact, out of the truck window she noticed that she could see a shadow of the moon in the sky and decided that she was going to play catch with the moon. She was hilarious as she grunted with all of her might as she pretended an attempt to throw the moon back up into the sky. Feeling playful, she even tossed the moon to Lincoln a few times and then helped him to throw it back up. At one point, Elaina decided to try a bite of the moon before holding her nose and telling us "Eww. Stinky." A lovely sentiment usually expressed by her dad as they sniff her stinky feet and giggle incessantly. Elaina was truly entertaining on our drive home and of course made me want to keep her this age forever and long for Lincoln to grow up faster to get to know and enjoy his little personality. I have to remember to snap myself back into reality knowing that they really do grow up so fast and just love every minute of them every single day. Even if we don't have a maid, personal chef or midnight baby feeder.

Elaina the Moon Catcher

And how appropriate that I came across both of these photos to share with you? I swear that I didn't pose Lincoln with Eric just for the sake of having coordinating pictures, although I couldn't have asked for a sweeter shot. This just happens to be one of Daddy's preferred cuddling positions with the ones he loves.

Elaina with her Daddy at approximately 2 weeks old.

Lincoln with his Daddy at 3 weeks old

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