Tuesday, May 01, 2007

End of the Famine

You won't believe this! Hold onto your seat and brace yourself!

My daughter was hungry tonight!

Not jumping up and down with joy? I sure am!

Let me refresh your memory of Picky Pickerson and how she eats like a bird. A little bird. Her standard diet is much of the same old thing, day after day. Chicken nuggets, french fries, eggs, applesauce, string cheese, pudding, bread, bananas, pears, yogurt, snacks and dessert. Not much variety by any stretch of the imagination. She hardly ventures beyond her realm of food groups and it's nearly impossible to entice her to ever try something new. Usually, when she does eat, it's minimal and not particularly nutritious. I try not to have issues with her lack of healthy food in her diet as I cross my fingers for the day she might try something new while I feed her her Flintstones vitamin.

With this said, can you understand why I was thrilled when Elaina ate a big meal tonight at dinnertime? She started out with Goldfish crackers as an appetizer followed by Fruity Pebbles in milk for her soup, her main entree consisted of 2 chicken nuggets and a scrambled egg with a side of string cheese and a slight portion of applesauce for dessert. Holy smokes alive! I couldn't believe the bottomless pit of a girl I fed tonight! I think that all of her daytime recreation is making her more hungry in the evening compiled with the fact that she is getting older are two major components to her hungry tummy tonight.

Now, if we could just move beyond her limited food groups.
You think I'm excited now...?

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