Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Elaina's New Role

Just in case anyone is wondering what Elaina thinks of becoming a big sister, here I am to fill you in.

For weeks now, we have been telling Elaina that she is going to be a big sister and she's going to have a little brother. Most of the time she just repeats, "brudder," in reference to her brother. I've sat her down on the floor and we've looked at her brother's new clothes together and sorted through baby toys, all the while explaining how a baby boy will be joining our family soon. I'm always sure to tell her that Mommy and Daddy will have to take care of the baby because he'll just be little, but we won't ever stop being her Mommy and Daddy and loving her just the same. Then I ask her if she knows that she is the most special girl in the entire world to which she replies with a smiley, high-pitched, "YE-ah!"

The fact is, being all of 22 months-old today, I'm not even sure if she gets the fact that we're going to the hospital to visit with a baby and then end up bringing him home. Likewise, does any kid under 2 totally get the fact that the big bump on mommy's belly eventually becomes the same thing that squirms and cries in the bassinet? I would have to believe that she understands that a baby is coming to our house and that we're all going to be happy because we're lucky. ( We say "lucky" when good things happen like finding her missing binky or when there's an empty swing at the playground. Lucky. I'm not sure if she understands the whole concept of being blessed, but we'll get there gradually.)

So, does Elaina know that her life is going to be changed forever? That she'll never again be an only child? That she'll have to share her toys, her attention and her Mommy and Daddy? I don't know. I do know, however, that Eric and I both have plenty of love to give to another baby and we can't wait to watch the new relationship between Elaina and her new brother as they blossom and grow as siblings. It's just a new chapter in her life story and we're anxious to get our hands on the newest addition!

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