Monday, May 21, 2007

Fun In Bloom

There's nothing quite like adding a new member to your family to conjure up some company. We've had visiting grandparents stay with us for the past 3 weekends. I'm getting the impression that they are only slightly taken by our cutie-twosome of Elaina and Lincoln. I have to admit that the pair of them are quite irresistible! And how could I complain about having 4 extra hands around the house and great company to boot?
(Note to Grandparents: Come any time!)

Joining us this past weekend were my parents. They had come the weekend before Lincoln was born to stay with Elaina and meet their newest grandson. Additionally, they did us a big favor in taking Keegan-the-attention-starved-dog home with them until we got a little more settled at home with a new baby. After two weeks, our time was up. They were ready to return Keegan to his own home which created a great excuse to visit and wrap their arms around the kids as well.
Both Grandma and Grandpa did lots of hugging on both kids which allowed Eric and myself to get a few extra chores done around the house. On Sunday, my mom let me sleep in until an almost embarrassing time while she and my dad watched the kids and Eric was in the woods for the last day of turkey hunting season. Once I finally peeled myself out of bed and became vertical, my mom and I went to work planting flowers around our yard and in several big and small planters. I would never admit to having a green thumb of any sort and welcomed her advice and extra hands in helping to make our yard look colorful and lush.
After grandma and grandpa left, Elaina and I went out to water our new flowers while I explained to her that Mommy would need her special help to keep our flowers healthy and give them a drink of water in the evening. I had no idea that this morning she would be so psyched to help already until she ran after her own watering can in her pajamas and wanted to go "ouside" to water immediately following breakfast. Luckily, I was able to procrastinate her until after naptime and a wardrobe change.
This is how only movie stars look when they do their own lawn care.
Lincoln has been enjoying the great outdoors as well. I found this great little outside bouncy seat that screens him in away from bugs and vibrates too. I wrap him loosely and comforatably in the softest blankets and park him in the shade while the gentle breeze sweeps over his covered seat. To tell you the truth, when I prepare his little nest for him to get some fresh air, I find myself a little bit envious, knowing how wonderful his nap must be in such soft luxury. He's got it made!

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These pictures are just too cute but they won't get big when I click on them. Could you please email me the originals. Grandma H.