Monday, May 07, 2007


It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to-

Lincoln Todd W.
Born May 7, 2007 at 7:18am
6 lb. 10 oz., 18" length

This would only have to be my favorite picture yet-
Amazing, isn't he?

Elaina is exceedingly willing to help, yet still had some ambivalent feelings toward her new brother.
Grandma and Grandpa H. have been in town since Friday night to help out and enjoy the last days of our family of three. They stayed with Elaina this morning and brought her to the hospital to meet her new brother. They were also so kind to pick out a special big-sister gift just for Elaina. She got her first Cabbage Patch Kid today. (Not terribly impressed, by the way.)
I could save my family from the embarrassment of this being our first family picture, but nope, you get it all. What do you think? (Good thing my mom doesn't rely on her photography skills to earn her living!)
Or would you say this is your favorite? Again... not much sleep last night and I'm really surprising myself that I am actually posting these haphazard poses. You just gotta love 'em!
So what if our first family pictures are (much) less than flattering, we have an incredibly healthy and gorgeous baby boy that has become part of our family and we couldn't be happier. The pictures nearly speak for themselves! That's truly Elaina's opinion of her brother so far!

2 Welcome Comments:

Giselle said...

Congratulations! Thank you for posting so promptly when I'm sure you have a million other things on your mind. He is gorgeous!

Good luck to Elaina...but she'll love him eventually!

Heather said...

He is beautiful!!!! I am so happy for all of you. What a blessing!