Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

Yes, I realize that is none other than Cinderella that Elaina is pointing to, but more importantly, look who has a new pillow! We were just testing out her new bed pillow on her fold out sofa, just because it matches so well and I'm a little bit anal like that.

Within the next 6 months we hope to begin transitioning Elaina to sleeping in her toddler bed. At this point, she squirms and flops every which way in her crib to the point that we never know which corner to look for her when we check on her before we head to bed. My hope is that with the introduction of the new pillow in her crib, she may find that resting in the same longitude overnight will be the first step in nixing the corner hugging she does at night.

Incidentally, notice the stone that Elaina is proudly showing off in the air? Yeah, that's her new favorite carry along these past few days. It's a basket of stones. Yes, in a house full of toys and activity, my child has discovered a basket from the back foyer which has been home to a half dozen decorative pebble stones that never worked their into any portion of my decor. So there they sit. Just waiting for their next ride along with Elaina.

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