Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Waitress, Please!

Can you really stand one more story about our picky eater? And when I say "one more" you know that I hardly mean it- I can almost guarantee that I have hardly concluded any further entries on this subject.

So... today I decided that our little "nuggetarian" (which would be referring to Elaina requesting chicken "nuggies" as her main entree at each and every meal) had enough of eating processed, microwaved chicken parts. Today, I decided it was time to give her another shot at a peanut butter sandwich. I invited Elaina to join me as I pulled a big chair to the counter for her and be my big helper to make her sandwich. Parking her tushie at the table, she took a few bites, "mmm-ing" and making yummy noises for all of 4 bites. After that, I brought in the reinforcements in the form of strawberry jelly. She has recently developed an affection for "dippy" and has been eating ketchup, ranch dressing and cream cheese on occasion. I squirted some dippy jelly onto her plate for her sandwich and she was hooked. After 3 rounds of squirt jelly and a sticky mess of peanut butter and jelly fingers and hair and chair, she finished her entire sandwich. A few hours later, she was finally willing to try strawberries! Really! I know this sounds absolutely silly to most folks, but with such a picky eater, adding two more food items to her already limited menu is really a big deal.
So hooray for strawberry jelly! Hooray for dippy! And hooray for more food options to feed the muchkin!

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