Friday, May 11, 2007

Making a Comeback

So, no new post since Monday? Wow! Where has this week gone?

Oh yeah... we have a baby!!

At this point, I really don't even know where to begin to fill in what has been our whirlwind week, so I'll just give you a rundown of the highlights of the week day by day.

-Eric and I arrived at the hospital at 6:30 a.m. anxious to meet our son
- I had the honor of being requested to be in the delivery room as Lincoln was born at 7:18 a.m.
- Lincoln is amazing- healthy and perfect and beautiful!
- My parents brought Elaina up to the hospital to meet her new brother and see their newest grandson

- Elaina spent the day at the baby sitter's house while Eric and I spent our day with Lincoln at the hospital
- We arrived home at 4:30 to balance out Elaina's normal daily routine and maintain some consistency for her
- My friend Jessica and her 7 month old son, Cole came to meet Lincoln (Lincoln's first friend! They will be in the same class.)
- My friends Bevin, Patti and Cathey came for a planned visit at lunchtime, 5 minutes later, Nicole and Kristen stopped by unexpectedly and an old friend from my previous employer just happened to be on the floor, making our 10x10' room almost claustrophobic with 8 adults and a tiny, little Lincoln squeezed in. Impromptu party in room #247!
- Spent the evening putting the final touches on the house in preparation for baby; cleaning, putting bassinet together, filling dresser drawers with sweet, little boy clothes

- Elaina spent the day at the baby sitter's house again
- Spent the morning visiting with "Elle" (In respect for her privacy I won't be naming her, however, "birth mom" is entirely too impersonal. For all future references, the woman who gifted us with our son will be referred to as, "Elle." )
- Lincoln got circumcised
- Upon Elle's discharge from the hospital, she requested, very specifically that Lincoln be discharged to us as soon as possible so that we could begin to be a family. Proper paperwork was set in place and our pediatrician gave us a thumbs-up for discharge for Lincoln.
- Approximately 3:15, we got the green light to be able to take our son home
- We skipped out of the hospital and picked up Elaina at Nancy's house, allowing Nancy to meet her newest love also (she is thrilled that Lincoln has joined our family and is anxious to care for him)
- Lincoln had a very good night, although he thought it would be fun to stay awake after his 4 a.m. feeding just to see what all goes on in his new house at that time (nothing but sleepy parents)
- I was worried that Lincoln hadn't had a wet diaper since hours before being discharged from the hospital and no wet diapers most of the evening. Eric informed me that he had a wet diaper at his midnight feed and I rested more easily. When his hungry belly-timer went off at 4a.m. (right on cue) he had soaked through his diaper, his clothes, his blanket- everything! I've never been so relieved to clean up pee ever! (I was just on the line between concern and worry- he relieved both of us!)
- Took Elaina to Nancy's house one more time to be able to spend the day getting to know and learn about our new son.
- Due to some last minute paperwork from our attorney, we made a quick trip into town to sign some more paperwork and then went to celebrate with ice cream. (Lincoln just got a hot dog and fries.)
- Our friend Jessica (a different one) stopped over to meet Lincoln and brought lovely gifts for each of the kids. Lincoln received some sweet sleep gowns and onesies while Elaina got a fun bubble ball and a shirt that says, "I'm the Big Sister!" Too cute!
- The word has gotten out that we are finally home and Eric and I were on the phone separately with happy friends and family giving their best and exited about Lincoln's arrival
- Lincoln woke on time for his middle of the night feed and easily went back down immediately following. This kid lo-oves to sleep!

- Experienced my first mom-of-two-morning by myself as Eric was out hunting first thing in the morning. All was well; Elaina woke at her usual time and I had to wake up Lincoln to keep him even close to his feeding schedule.
- Elaina had her first bout of jealousy with Lincoln. Scene: Mommy lies Lincoln on a blanket safely across Elaina's beanbag chair while I attempted to put some of Elaina's clothes in her closet. A 3 minute job, mind you. Elaina came from our bedroom after watching cartoons and spotted Lincoln on her chair. She hollered, "My chair! My chair!" over and over while jumping up and down. After ignoring my instructions about sharing in this house, her fit continued and she found herself promptly in her bed. Her crying jag lasted only minutes before she recovered and I made her apologize to Lincoln. Incidentally, this is the same girl who patted the floor next to her butt on the top step, inviting Lincoln to come down the stairs with her this morning.
- Eric's parents came around 1:00 to meet their newest grandson and spoil him with what amounted to practically a new wardrobe with gifts from them and from friends from our hometown. They even brought the "Big Sister" a folding Dora chair to sit on the patio. Our special guest with them for the weekend was our nephew, Evan who is 4. He was excited to spend the weekend with "Ewaina."
- In the evening, our backyard neighbors stopped over to meet Lincoln as well. Do you see a pattern here? The kid already has his own fan club!
How about this pair? Partners in crime! Elaina has so much to teach her baby brother, as you can see.

3 Welcome Comments:

Anonymous said...

What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails,
And puppy-dogs' tails;
That's what little boys are made of.

Kate said...

What wonderful pictures... makes me want to get in the car RIGHT NOW. So when are we invited???? I must get my hands on my stinkin cute niece and nephew!

Giselle said...

It sounds like you are doing great with the transition. I hope Lincoln stays a good sleeper ;)

Best wished to Elaina. I remember watching Andrew wander around in a funk for a while and feeling so bad. They just don't/can't understand how their world has changed...forever. Sharing is hard enough for a toddler...but to have somebody permanantly in YOUR stuff, sharing your most precious Mommy and Daddy. And it's an addition they had no say in. It's rough. But rest assured...Lincoln and Elaina will eventually have a bond for life. Good luck making it to that point. ;)

Congrats again. He really is so beautiful!