Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bring on the birthday!

What's Christmas chaos without a birthday party thrown in for good measure? Just ask my brother and sister-in-law as their son, Colin turned 4 today. A Christmas baby who will forever give his parents a run for their money to see how cleverly they can maneuver a birthday party in the midst of this crazy time of year.

This year however, may have proven itself to be one of the best birthdays on record for my sweet nephew. (You know, out of the other 3 he's had;-)) It was an astonishing 65 degrees outside with a sky full of gorgeous sunshine and a special birthday surprise visitor who came knocking on his door. You can catch the video clip here. Greg and Kate never told Colin that we were tagging along with Grandma and Grandpa for his party. Judging from his reaction, I think that he was pretty happy to see his cousin Elaina. (i.e. - his biggest fan) Well that AND the awesome party that his parents rolled out for him. Kate did an amazing job perfecting every detail of a Spongebob Squarepants birthday theme party right down to serving seafood (because Spongebob lives under the sea!) and blue ice cream for their guests.

Even though my kids didn't quite fill their nap quotient for the day, the played nicely and happily and made for pleasant, little party guests. Happy children are key to me enjoying any part of my day. And we all had a great time. Want proof?
(thanks for allowing us to join you for such a great birthday party Greg, Kate and Colin!))
Lincoln doesn't have a clue who Spongebob is but I think they both like cheeseburgers. Colin, cake AND bunnies?? YES!

Lincoln's version of balance. A car in each hand.
Birthday boy! (It's okay, no one saw that!) Happy birthday Colin!

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