Thursday, December 25, 2008

In which Santa delivered

We woke up in the morning to find that Santa was not only in our state, but had actually left presents underneath Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas tree! Of course, Lincoln was the first one awake in the house and could have cared less, but when Elaina caught wind of more presents, she was very interested to see what Santa had left for her. (thus being Christmas the Second)

By noon, we had made our way to my parents' house to celebrate Christmas the Third. We were fortunate that both kids napped before Greg, Kate and Colin arrived which often comes with a little more assurance that our kids will be able to handle themselves for the day without turning into raging monkeys who have gone without food for a week.

Elaina and Colin continue to be each other's biggest fan and were more than ready to see what gifties waited inside of all of that pretty wrapping paper. I mostly loved that both (older) kids shared their toys, were happy with what they received and didn't get their undies in a bunch over taking turns unwrapping. Lincoln was the exception as he (AGAIN) made himself completely unavailable for our gift exchange. He was more than content playing with his cars in the next room and getting into the Chex party mix that my mom had left out on the table. At 20 months, he is very much his own little person and he won't be persuaded to change his independent play time if it involves distracting his attention from rolling his cars around.

Elaina and Colin both received cameras which they used to document every square inch of our day together. Elaina had taken pictures of G & GH's floor, her pillow, the TV, her toys, the chairs, Daddy in his underpants, etc., etc.... you get my drift. One great feature of her new camera is that the "delete" button functions very nicely and easily.
So, didn't the kids just get through unwrapping a mile high mountain of Christmas gifts? (not really, but plenty enough) One might be inclined to think that they would be all consumed in playing with their new toys. Uh. No. It was the empty box that Grandma and Grandpa's new dishwasher came in. They had left it there just for the kids' visit which seemed to be the greatest gift of all. (I hope I have gift receipts; new toys, patooey! cardboard boxes, here we come!)
With one more full day and new location under our belt, Christmas day was grand and just downright enjoyable! Now, if I can only fold that cardboard box down flat enough to fit into my truck...

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Kelsey said...

Harper has that same camera, from her birthday last year, I believe, she LOVES it! She still does not know that her pictures can be downloaded and printed and therefore completely accepts that she must delete things when it gets full.

Sounds like you had fun!