Sunday, December 28, 2008


As we near the end of our Christmas Chaos tour 2008 we came home to one final surprise waiting underneath our Christmas tree.

Meet our new babysitter for Lincoln!
I think he likes it.
Santa left a small sprinkling of gifts on the Christmas tree for Elaina and one big toy underneath the tree with Lincoln's name on it!

Christmas for our family this year was great. I recognize how fortunate we are for having the opportunity to be with those that we love and celebrate that our Savior was born. As I cradled Lincoln in my arms each night before bedtime, I've been singing Silent Night to him. As my heart begins to swell with love and gratitude, I thank God that of all things He put on this earth for us to enjoy and make our lives happy and easy, the gift of our children and the love and happiness that we share with them means the world to me. I sometimes wonder if would have ever known true happiness without them? Elaina and Lincoln complete us. They are our most treasured gift each minute of our lives. All is calm and all is bright. Thank you Jesus.

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Kelsey said...

I'm glad you had such a nice holiday season! Now maybe we should start looking ahead to some sort of Ohio blogger gathering, this summer perhaps?