Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winner #1 and Winner #2

Whew, so there was my first, last and only contest ever to be posted on this blog. Pay it forward is a good idea in theory and a good idea if you have a large reading audience and a good idea if you don't host it exactly the week before Christmas and a good idea if you have readers who may not already be burned out from hosting more than their share already. Not such a good idea to host here.

The good news is that Tracy and HollyLynne have been selected as the grand prize winners of my Pay it Forward contests. Contest #1 and contest #2, respectively. I've decided not to put anyone else through the torture of a potential second contest, thus accounting for two winners from one contest. Sarcasm aside, I'm happy to be able to send out some pretties to these lovely ladies because Tracy and I have gotten to know one another through our blogs and I love following her life through her amazing photos and reading about her sweet girls. As for HollyLynne, she's already reaping what she sowed from her PIF contest in which I was on the receiving end of these stunners which are the current BFF's of my ear lobes. Aren't they beauties? She has an awesome collection of handmade jewelry available for purchase at her Etsy shop with an assortment of styles that will make you only wish that you were HollyLynne herself to have the luxury of having all of these pretties for yourself. Not to mention that the craftsmanship she puts into each piece is something to be admired.

So Tracy and HollyLynne, when you have a minute please send me your mailing information and I'll be happy to ship off some pretties to you!

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HollyLynne said...

Hooray! I'm so excited :) This is my first PIF win!