Monday, December 08, 2008


There has been too much going on lately with the W family. (That's us.) Things are well with all of us, but we need to find a way to shift our lives into low gear. Every day, I tell myself that "next week won't be so busy, just get through this week." And do you want to know what happens then? The "busy" doesn't cease.

Last week, I was embarrassingly light on the blog front. One evening was spent with Elaina at the library for story time and then a special, "surprise" visit from Santa. Elaina enjoyed the Christmas stories sitting front row with the other kids and she liked the paper crafted reindeer that we made together but when it came to the big, jolly fat guy himself, she cowered behind me, not wanting Santa to see her. Lincoln had a case of the yellies and it seemed much more sensible to leave him home for some Daddy time.

(The reindeer head is made of a tracing of Elaina's booted foot and the antlers from tracing her hands.)(She glued on the eyes and mouth and even decorated eyelashes for her girl-reindeer.)
This past weekend, we were headed out of town for the second trip in a row to visit our parents. I worked my tail off on Wednesday and Thursday night trying to get all of the laundry done, bags unpacked from Thanksgiving weekend, bags packed for the upcoming weekend and everything put away to avoid a giant mess-collide upon return from another weekend away. Eric picked me up from work on Friday and away we went. Let the busy begin. Oh, and I had a birthday too.

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Tracy said...

Happy birthday. Have a drink for me! In fact, have that drink in the bath tub with a whole bunch of bubbles and candles around you (but not the candles in the bubbles. that might not work so well!) You sound like you deserve it!

HollyLynne said...

i feel exactly like you do . . .except without any kids which makes me really scared at the prospect of how busy my life will be then! Happy belated birthday, btw :)