Tuesday, May 02, 2006

10 Months Old !

Didn't Elaina just turn 9 months old ? Whew ... it seems like I just posted her 9 month entry the other day ! A whole month later and our girl is growing so big and only getting sweeter and cuter by the day ! She is every bit lovable and kissable - it's true love !

So here is what Elaina has been up to as a 9 month old ....

* Beginning to take steps, 2-3 at a time !
* Has gotten 4 new teeth this month ! (bottom left, 2 eye teeth and top, front left)
* Points with her index finger and waves it around like her magic wand.
* Trying so hard to say KeeGee (our nickname for our dog, Keegan) - Elaina says "Keekke" ( much emphasis on the "k" sound )
* Much effort into saying bye- bye (mostly presses her lips and whispers to herself "bah-bah" very lightly - sometimes the lips just move without any sound. Too cute !
* Getting really good at saying Dada ; not as much luck with Mama
* Her feelings get hurt when she gets blocked into a specific play area, like the entire half of our living room isn't enough room for her to roam, she makes a wimper face and cries for about 2 minutes !
* Starting to get herself into trouble as she goes up to the TV and presses buttons to change the channel after being told "NO!" several times and getting smacked on the hand. This has become a nightly occurrence and the same scenario plays out every last time ! She's a STINKER !
* Cartoons have become a favorite as her attention span is growing longer and longer
* Bounces on her knees when she is enjoying her favorite music and cartoons. Likewise, she'll clap her hands to the entertainment.
* Becoming fast friends with Keegan; they have a mutual respect and both like to eat things off the floor !
* She has developed such a little personality and smiles and giggles all of the time. She loves to play and be "gotten" by mommy and daddy !

This has been a fun month and we're looking to all of the excitement that Elaina's 10 month will bring !

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