Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stair Master

Do you suppose there is anything wrong with a 10 month- old learning how to climb the stairs ? A few weeks ago, Elaina made her way over to the steps and just began to climb. She got to the 6th step before looking back and realized that she was out of her element and got scared. Dad saved her.

Tonight she was crawling all over the house like a crazed monkey and when she got to the stairs, she just began to climb. I was already upstairs and Eric was bringing up the rear (literally) following her. Hearing the commotion and his encouragement to her, I looked down to find her only 4 steps from reaching the top. With an excited smirk on her sweet face - she was climbing over the threshold of the final step. Oh what a big girl !

On yet another trip upstairs, I decided to let her have another crack at doing the stairs herself. She did. With her fingers gripped tight into the thick pile of carpet, her little diaper-butt wiggled and wiggled and her legs moved like a skilled rock-climber. What can I say ? She's a natural.

Little Miss Independent Elaina.

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