Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It Snot easy being green !

This morning Elaina woke up looking a little bit green. Her nose specifically. Actually, more like the stuff seeping out of her nose ! I know that's gross, but when your nearly 11 months old - that's part of life and this mom has to write about it. I had previously thought that it was a symptom accompanying her teething and now, I'm leaning more toward it being that her immune system is weakened during the teething process and she develops actual cold symptoms. Maybe it's really one of the same. I just want her to feel better.

She has lost a little bit of her appetite, she's more sleepy than usual and she gets noticeably irritated easily. When your talking about an easy- going-mild-tempered baby acting anything out of the ordinary - you notice a difference. She is a growing girl though and her little body is going through so many changes each and every day. I swear that when I hold her in my arms and see our full image together in the mirror, I can't believe that big girl is really my little girl. I have enjoyed every stage that she is growing into. It's the most wonderful feeling to witness my daughter discover her world around her. Her first tastes, her first steps, the look of incredible achievement on her sweet face as she pushes the buttons on the phone or TV.

What can I say ? I am in love with my girl !! Snotty, stinky or silly - she is my world !

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