Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ready to Roll !

The search is over. I have been searching high and low for a used 3 -wheeled jogging stroller for Elaina. Okay... it's just called a "jogging stroller," you don't really have to jog. Whew ! I got a hot tip that a jogging stroller had been brought into the baby resale shop only 10 minutes from my work. I went there immediately to investigate. For only $40 (compared to $130 retail ) - we had a new set of wheels ! It is like the Cadillac of baby strolling. What a smooth ride. No more bumps and bouncing and battling the uneven terrain of our village sidewalks. It's beautiful ! Elaina and I went on a test ride and I realized that this is definately our favorite mode of transportation. Now, I can work on getting in shape this summer by pushing Elaina along on evening walks with the girls.

Whle I was shopping, I met a very sweet, young mom and we ended up talking for some time. Time well spent ! I had planned on being home somewhat early today as we had an appointment to meet with our priest to discuss Elaina's baptism. Our priest is fairly new to our parish and I have enjoyed his masses very much. He is very personable and friendly and just likes people. Our meeting was going well, Elaina was snug and content in her infant carrier and was entertaining herself by "reading" her books. And then... nmnmn. Nmnmmn. Grunt. Grunt. Our red-faced, beauty queen was filling her diaper. Alot. For about 3 minutes ! I am such a bad adult. I had to hold back my laughter as the priest was talking to us. I should be over that type of juvenile behavior - but it was pretty funny because she is soo obvious !
And, did I mention that it had been a warm, muggy evening and the air in the room was already stiffling ? Throw in a stenchy diaper to that equation and .... whew... get me outta there !

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