Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ba-donk !

This is the sound Elaina's head made when she fell down and hit her head against the wall ! Ooohhh ... the crying ! My poor baby had every reason to cry - within 5 minutes, she developed a visible bruise on her forehead. I nearly cried !

From the pictures above and the story of her "crash" you might be able to guess what kind of night we had. Elaina was not interested in eating any baby food for dinner and was just too tired to even make an attempt. I supplied her with some juice and fruit puffs while we ate our dinner and before long, this is what happened. She was out ! It's tough being a baby - especially when you bonked your head, you have a cold and mom wants to make you eat food !

Not long after, I fixed her up with some cold medicine, soft jammies, a warm bottle and plenty of hugs and cuddle time ! You know - even the days when she's miserable- she is every bit sweet and lovable !

* Notice in the second picture : Elaina's first bruise !

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