Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Being Ignored

Elaina and I were playing in her room tonight and while she was reading her books to herself, I grabbed the phone to give my girlfriend a quick phone call. As soon as my full attention wasn't centered around my beloved, she took 8 steps ! I was so much in awe that I nearly forgot who I was talking to and that I was in the middle of a conversation ! (Sorry Amie ! )

Isn't that always the way; when you want them to do something, they won't and when you don't want them to do something , they will. Plenty of times, Eric and I will sit on the floor with our arms stretched out to encourage our little stepper to walk to us and she falls to the floor. Stop paying attention to her for half of a minute and she takes 8 steps !

Now when I leave her in her crib to play while I take a shower, I wonder if she isn't carrying on full conversations with her toys and reading to her dolls ! Hmm ...

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