Friday, May 05, 2006

How Many ?

53. That's the number of unread e-mails received in our inbox in nearly a month without internet service ! To spare you many unsavory details of my heated conversations with the cable company ... let's just say that their work is finally complete. Remember in one of my previous posts how the cable company was to come (Tuesday night ) to fix our Road Runner connection ? Oh yeah ... no show ! Upon my phone call wondering where they were, they said that they didn't think we were home because no one answered the phone when they called. Maybe a message from them would have been more appropriate.

Hmmm... I promised no details, yet I'm still complaining. Enough. Upon my final call to them, the lady got the message that their service to us was obviously poor and she was able to pull some strings to have a repair tech at our home tonight. He was here for nearly an hour and a half ! This poor guy earned his money tonight - too bad the majority of people in the company hadn't been so dedicated.

In summary ... Glad to be back, check some previous posts for some newly posted pictures and feel free to e-mail us anytime now. We'll probably respond.

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