Monday, May 01, 2006

Feeling Disconnected

Here I am !

To my faithful readers, I apologize for depriving you a week's worth of little girl stories and smiles. It seems as though we have a weak internet connection from our cable lines that run to the house with road runner internet access. This has not only halted our internet access, but we aren't able to receive the higher cable channels on our TV upstairs - making it impossible for Elaina to watch her favorite cartoons in our bed. ( Do you just see how spoiled we have become ? ) We've had the cable company out two times already to fix this problem and we're up and running for a day and then back to nothing. Getting in touch with the cable company is a feat in and of itself. We can expect hold on the phone for at least 45 minutes with each and every call - regardless the time of day. Good way to discourage people from phoning in.

Looks like this entry will just be a jumbled mess of recaps from the past week. Oh, but what a week it has been ! Little Miss has been taking steps ! 2-3 at a time ! Out of the blue on Tuesday, she started standing more on her own. She would take on a standing position as I put her down from being held. And finally, she just started creeping to where she wanted to be. The two biggest bribe toys are her binky and the remote control. She also goes between mommy and daddy to soak in as many hugs and squeezes as she can handle ! I am beaming with pride over my little girl's newest milestone. She is growing up so fast !

Wednesday, we attended Eric's bowling banquet and Elaina stayed with our friends, Scott and Jessica, who are expecting their own baby this fall. Elaina is pure entertainment for them and they seem to love her company as well. When we arrived to pick up our little Peanut, she was cuddled up in her jammies along with Jessica, sleeping on the sofa. So cute ! I swear that cuddly little babies are like sleeping pills !

This past weekend was very enjoyable for all of us. We did some shopping on Saturday afternoon before meeting some friends out for dinner. Elaina was good throughout the whole day until dinnertime. While playing with her toys, she developed a case of the "dropsies." She tested her mom and dad as she would play with a toy and drop it to the floor. Over and over and over again. We are such suckers that we played her game for a little while until she was just forced to entertain herself with the toys that were hooked onto her infant carrier seat. It's too bad that she is just so irresistible - we'll do just about anything for that little stinker !

Sunday was a full day of catching up on housework and laundry and playing ! Our neighbors gathered in our backyard for an impromptu cookout for dinner. Elaina crawled all over the grass and the deck and even taught herself how to dismount onto the ground. As she would get to the edge of the deck, she would peer over the edge and wiggle her tushie around to go feet first to the ground. (Our deck is only about 12 inches from the ground.) You might be able to tell that Eric was the one who allowed her to figure this one out for herself. I can't say that I would be so trusting to believe that she wouldn't fall on her head ! She is one smart girl with great manueverability !

Finally, the cable company is scheduled to send yet another repairman out on Tuesday and we will hopefully be up and running shortly after. Until then, I've been stealing away time from work in attempt to get up to speed with Elaina's story. Believe it or not, I get less interruptions with a nearly 10-month old at home than I do at my desk in a 30 minute span !

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