Thursday, May 18, 2006

" We'll have a gay old time !"

Now put that title to music. Sound familiar ? It's the theme song to the Flintstones cartoon of course !

At one of our sales over the weekend, I found a Flintstones book that plays the cartoon theme song with a slight push of a button. That very book has become Elaina's favorite toy of this whole evening. We had music before dinner. We had dinner music. We had even had clean-up-the-kitchen music. The child kept her finger pressed against the button ! Non-stop ! The book only left her sight 2 times. Can you believe that Eric gave it back to the baby when she dropped it ? Come on !!! Thank you Daddy !

I'm glad that she has so many other books to choose from now. Maybe I'll hide this one a little bit out of her reach for a day or two. It's a good thing that I enjoyed the Flintstones cartoon - we're all having a "gay old time ! "

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