Saturday, April 21, 2007

Editor in Chief

That's me! That's the beauty of having your own blog.

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

The good part about holding such authority over this little, old web page of mine is that I can write about any old thing I choose and having any loyal readers along for the ride is just a happy bonus!

The down side about making this blog a part of my life is that I sometimes feel that I can't possibly let a day slip by without even a tiny, little post makes me feel like I let that day pass as if it weren't significant enough to hold a worthwhile spot to occupy all of 5 sentences to make an actual post.

And sometimes, (follow me if you will) if I don't post for a day or two, I get spoiled by the luxury called "free time" and cut anywhere between 20- 60 minutes out of my day by not being glued to my keyboard. If I feel like really spoiling myself and take a little hiatus from blogging, I feel like I'm sinking faster than a midget in quicksand, trying to catch up.

Now, I'm not quite sure what sparked all of that, except leading me into what events I should try to recap from this fine day.

For starters, I could tell you about this bird that somehow trapped himself in our basement and scared the crap out of me and has been causing ruckus downstairs ever since. And how a friend of ours came over to "catch" it and ended up barricading it into a very unfinished portion of our basement beneath our kitchen floor planks.

Or I could tell you about after the greatly unsuccessful bird-chasing, our friend proceeded to tell me that he has grown to a deeper level of faith through witnessing our experiences trying to have a family of our own. How the miracle of Elaina's birth and adoption into our family proved to him that there is a God and that he feels that he is witness to God's power through our testament.

I might divulge that I found a new place to swing. A swing set that is. For Elaina. Peaceful and quiet and all of the beauty that comes with mom and daughter time alone without any schedule, no interruptions and no other noise. Just looking at each other's smiles and knowing that she is every bit of my heart.

Also, I could relay that Elaina's memory is proving to be sharper than ever. I dressed her in her Pittsburgh Steelers t-shirt this morning and told her that it was her Daddy's favorite team. Oh let's see... maybe 10 hours passed without further mention of the same before she stood in the kitchen, tugging on her shirt saying, "Daddy, fa-vit." I was the one trying to recall our previous conversation from so long ago.

So with all of these story topics swimming around in my head, I think I'll just summarize our day's events into a compact, little run-down:

* Elaina developed a cold overnight. Much snot, Fragile temperament at times.
* We hit a great kid's clothes sale and got lots and lots of yummy little outfits.
* Despite being sick, Elaina only napped for approximately 30 minutes (combined) and was still tolerable.
* I have convinced myself that spring is here and am looking forward to packing away winter once and for all. (At least for the next 6 months or so! Come on, it's Ohio!)

With that, I'll be calling it a day!

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