Monday, April 02, 2007

Writer's Hiatus

Wow! From Thursday to Monday and no new stories!
I could well be fired for an offense of such great proportion!

Oh, who am I fooling? Within the next few days, I shackle myself to this very keyboard, try to recall some worthwhile stories of our weekend, finally catch up to date by this Thursday and then have another busy weekend smack me in the face! Show me some mercy people!
For tonight, however, I'm writing with the sole intention to provide my dedicated readers with a little something new than my last post you've been clicking to over to see the same thing 5 days in a row, and to intrigue you to stop back soon by eluding to upcoming stories about bunnies, Easter pictures and the playground that rules!
Until then... I'll leave you with this sweet picture of Elaina just one year ago. Sweetsie was just beginning to learn to crawl and get into just about everything!

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Kelsey said...

Amazing how much they change in just one year!!!