Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Just Call It a Miracle"

"Just Call It a Miracle"

The most appropriate title as I'm about to spill our secret that is going to change our lives.

We're expecting a baby boy!

Hooray! Hooray! I think I feel as if I'm still floating on a cloud since we first learned about him. I still find it hard to contain myself! The best way to describe my excitement is as if I could jump out of my skin with exuberant joy as we are about to become a family of four!

I'm finding that my attempt to share this news is harder than I had initially suspected since I hardly know where to begin. I don't believe that I even have enough words to be able to begin to express our excitement, anticipation, and longing for this little boy to join our family. Seriously, how can I possibly put into words the fact that all of our prayers have been answered, that we'll be holding onto our deepest heart's desire in just a few days time, and that we feel like the most blessed and humble parents to have such an incredible gift bestowed upon us. All I can really profess is that God is GOOD! He has granted us yet another miracle to love, squeeze and fill our days with happiness and smiles. Where can I even begin?

1. We're adopting.
2. We're going to be the proud parents to a newborn son.
3. It's a private adoption.
4. We learned of this child through a friend of mine who made the connection for us very quickly.
5. We have met the birth mom and she has chosen Eric and myself to be the parents to her child.
6. The birth mom is amazing, selfless, and certain of her decision.
7. We've only known about this for approximatly 5 weeks. This isn't the only thing that took place this day. (double click pink to link) We were also busy finding out that we were chosen as adoptive parents.
8. We don't have a name picked out yet.
9. I have been shopping like a fiend for all-things-blue.
10. Our son is scheduled to be born on Monday, May 7 at 7 a.m. --( It's not to soon to send up the prayers asking many blessings upon the birth mom and our son. It's easy to see that this is all God!)

Wow... what else can I tell you? We're having a BOY!!

Just call it a miracle! Thank God!

4 Welcome Comments:

Kate said...

God certainly has GRANTed us another miracle. C'mon, Eric!!!! You know what I'm talking about here. *sly smile*

Anonymous said...

i couldn't be happier. you deserve this blessing--thanks for allowing us into your private lives. my prayers are
with you, eric and elaina and your sons birth mother. all my love. marianne

Giselle said...

Hip Hip Hooray! Congratulations and I'll be thinking of your whole family in the weeks coming up.

Carissa said...

That is awesome. Even though I only know you from your blog, I couldn't be happier for you! Congratulations.