Monday, April 23, 2007

Reader's Choice

Here's something new...

I'm asking your input to help decide the title for my next blog.

Your choices are:

A.) Seeing Blue
B.) Just Call It a Miracle
C.) Family of Four
D.) Jumping With Excitement
E.) Elaina's New Role
F.) The Secret is Out

So, what do you think? I can assure you that all titles will facilitate the same information, I just want to be sure that I have chosen the best title as voted on by our friends.

Let me feel the love people... send me your suggestions! I'm really anxious to begin my next post, but I'm going to have to wait until I've received ample input from all of you!

I'm waiting...

6 Welcome Comments:

Giselle said...

Ohhhh...I can't wait to hear this story. I've heard little I want to hear the whole story.

I vote Elaina's New Role...since this is Elaina's blog. I guess you'll need to rename your blog now too, eh?

Kate said...

I can't decide!!! I'm feeling excited, am happy the secret is out, can't wait to see blue and am so happy I'll have a family of four to love! It's a miracle! It's cause for celebration! Elaina's going to be a big sis!

Heather said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you all!!! When is the big day? Personally, I like "Just Call it a Miracle" because that's what these wonderful kids are.

Anonymous said...

i kind of like all of them since they all fit. could it be also another sugestion? big E & little ?

Anonymous said...

i WAS guessing correctly!yay! then,they all fit, don't they?. can't wait to hear -- lots of love, marianne

Kelsey said...

I had no idea!!! What wonderful news. Maybe you should let Elaina choose the title?