Friday, April 20, 2007

Legitimate Hooky

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

"Legitimate Hooky."

Let me explain how my day panned out. Eric left for a gun show at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m., (of which I'm barely conscious) as I finally fall back asleep, the ringing phone sends me into a quick panic as I jolt to answer it before Elaina wakes. The 6 a.m. phone call was from none other than the baby sitter's husband letting me know that Nancy is ill with the flu. I offered my most sincere get-well wishes that I could muster being only half awake and immediately called off work myself. We've had offers of friends to be back-up baby sitter's, however, in almost 20 months and the most reliable sitter ever, Elaina hasn't really come to know anyone so well that I would be able to leave her in good conscience for longer than a few hours. The fact that Eric was already out of town (not being able to share the day off in shifts) compiled with the fact that today's forecast was calling for sunshine and blue skies, my decision to take the day off was made with little hesitation.

Elaina slept just a little past 7 (as usual) and we began our day. We played inside, we played outside, we blew bubbles, played chase, and read books. We occupied a large chunk of our day with playing at the playground. Most often, we have the place to ourselves with the exception of a random kid or two, whom we typically outlast, but today was an exception to the norm. If I had to guess, I'd say there were at least a dozen kids running around with a few parents in tow. Is this a typical Friday afternoon for them? I thought I was the lucky one for being able to enjoy a weekday afternoon out with my kid. They're the lucky ones.

To top off our day of play, Elaina requested to go to the potty and made her very first tinkle in the little potty. Wow!! I wouldn't say that we have official begun "real" potty training up to this point, meaning that I don't ask her to go every 20 minutes and I don't have her wearing pull-ups day in and day out. We've just made the potties accessible and have been talking about "excrement" more and more in regular conversation. So far, she likes setting her tiny-hiney upon each throne as if she were playing musical chairs and she loves to see how fast she can reel out the toilet paper in a puddle onto the floor. (Mom loves this! - NOT!) Today's tinkle was impressive since she asked to go and she produced. Potty training boot camp will be starting soon enough.

All in all, we enjoyed an impromptu day off together and looking forward to the rest of our girls' weekend to hang out. Gun show season is coming to a close soon and Eric will be home more to enjoy the same. Can't wait!

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