Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Second Tumbling Class

Elaina loved her tumbling class so much the first time, that we were disappointed to learn that the end of the session was quickly drawing near. Last week, it was cancelled due to spring break. What the local school district's spring break has to do with a private facility toddler tumbling class, I'll never know.

Regardless, after tonight there will only be one more class until the start of the next 8 week session. For a young, little beginner, Elaina has been doing pretty well. The instructors are great and amazingly patient as they repeatedly herd the little ones back to the rest class and help to keep their attention focused. Keeping in mind that this is a class filled with approximately eight 2-4 year-olds, the mom's table in the back of the room is frequently visited by timid toddlers making sure the mommy is just where she's supposed to be until they're ushered off once again. At one point, Elaina was slightly distracted by a mess she recognized on the floor. Opting to ignore the current activity, she began picking up the rubber placemats that the instructors use on the floor as a flow pattern for the kids to follow to each station. No stepping-stone-flow-pattern tonight, courtesy of Elaina. She picked them all up and stacked them upon one another. (Editor's note: do not be fooled, she is NOT this diligent at home when it comes to picking her things up, but it's nice to see that some of my DNA may be seeping into her pores after all.)

(Check out Elaina's friend, Ali, at the end of the beam. Oh yeah... they have on the same outfit! I spotted these adorable little leotards with the velvety bodice and chiffon tutu and couldn't resist picking up a matching set for the girls! Had Ali stayed just a little longer after class, I would have gotten a much better picture of the cuties together. Definitely next class!)

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Grandma H. said...

As flattered as I am that Elaina calls her doll "Granma Cakes", It occurs to me that she doesn't know a lot of girl names to give to her dolly. All the names she knows are connected to people so she needs a new name just for dolly. Maybe you should suggest a few names and let her choose the one she likes the sound of best.Grandma H.