Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So Big

I just wanted to pass along some cutie pictures of Elaina that made me laugh.

In the first photo, our model is wearing an exquisite set of genuine plastic jewels showcasing the Easter Bunny emblem atop the bold, bright colors from our Spring collection. Notice her clip on earrings which compliment her stretchy, plastic necklace- all in the bunny theme.

(Not shown: Easter Bunny ring and stretchy bracelet.)
*** Hairstyle compliments of
the banana Elaina had for dinner
and used as mousse for her hair.
(What can I say, she's resourceful!)

Next up is Elaina's baby doll she presented atop her changing table when she realized that baby doll didn't have a diaper on. She reached and pushed her doll to the top and proceeded to pull out a diaper for her and pointing to her doll, said, "Diaper. Butt-cream."

God forbid the baby doll go to bed without a diaper or butt cream.

(Although Elaina has expressed minimal interest in the potty, she always asks for butt cream for herself with every fresh diaper. Good thing she's looking out for what's in the best interest for her doll. Cute!)

1 Welcome Comments:

Kelsey said...

How funny! Harper and Elaina think along the same lines. We also use the banana mousse and request butt-cream!