Tuesday, April 03, 2007

First "Tumb-bing" Class

Finally! After 5 attempts to get Elaina enrolled in a tumbling class, we made it tonight!
(or as Elaina calls it, "tumb-bing.)

Why did it take 5 attempts? Let's see... for 2 consecutive weeks, class was cancelled due to the weather (school cancels=tumbling cancelled). The third attempt was in between sessions and no one was there, the fourth time; the instructor had told me the wrong date, and the fifth being last week when we all went to the dentsit. Seriously people! I just wanted to get my kid into a stinkin' tumbling class, not schedule her doctorate program!

The thought of tumbling class first crossed my mind when Elaina discovered a new favorite activity which involved her scaling Eric's hard gun case for his rifle that had been left on the floor. ( Editor's note: No, we don't make a habit of leaving "guns" just lying around the house. This was during hunting season and the case was empty!) Elaina would run into the spare bedroom and say, "Mommy! Watch!" as she walked the length of the case time after time as she beamed with pride over her new skill.

Tonight's toddler class had a minimal attendance of 4 kids versus nearly 10 that can typically be expected. Elaina and her friend, Allison are both close to 2 and the actual "toddlers" of the class. There were only 2 other little girls and they were both 4 year old veterans of the routines. I was impressed to see my little girl showing independence as she following the instructions of a complete stranger while mommy looked on from across the room. Given the fact that she had to check on me sporadically through the session, she did great and required mimimal coaxing to re-join the group. I think that this will soon become one of her favorite activities and hope that she will enjoy this type of organized recreation for years to come.

Here are just a few pictures from class. Elaina is in the hot pink track suit (which she refused to take off her matching jacket!) and her friend, Allison is wearing the light pink leotard. They were utterly adorable!

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