Sunday, April 22, 2007

Feeding the Hungry

5:00 a.m. : Baby Girl desperately cries out from her bedroom,"Mommy, Mommy, HELP!!"

5:00 (9 seconds later) : Mommy jumps into action from a nearly comatose state to answer her baby's plea for help

After a quick assessment seeing all things in place (baby in bed, bed in room, no monsters, no vomit, no poo) I ask Said Baby what the matter is. Said Baby replies to Mommy, "Eat."

Oh. Dear. Lord.

As I recall, this would be the same child who didn't want anything to do with eating a dinner last night. I offered everything under the sun, including a knuckle sandwich- all of which were declined. As she hasn't been feeling well, and the cold, hard fact that she is still a very picky eater, I had to let this one meal go by the wayside and didn't force any food upon her.

And now this. At 5 in the morning, the hungry, little girl's stomach was beginning to eat away at her backbone. Couldn't "stomach" have thought about that, oh let's say, like 9 hours sooner?

This fortunate, little tyke earned herself a picnic in mommy's bed with a snack trap full of oyster crackers and a leak-proof sippy. Soon after, we both returned to Dreamland.

Learning from past performance, I gave Elaina some cookies and a drink before bedtime tonight. She wasn't so much into the cookies and thought they would be better suited for the birds. She even offered to share her drink. ** Just so you know, the bird from our basement is currently M.I.A. Don't know if he's there, or if he's out or if he's just lying in wait to scare the crap out of me again. Don't know. I'm guessing we'll be smelling him soon enough if he hasn't already found an exit. There's no continental breakfast here, birdie.

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