Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quick Comeback

Tonight was supposed to be Eric's last night of bowling for the season and I thought it might be nice for Elaina and I drop by for a surprise visit and cheer him on. Eric was especially happy to see us as was the rest of his team. In fact, most of the men turned into melty, mushy fragments of their former selves as they smiled and waved to Elaina, talking in their softest high-pitched voices. So funny!
One man from another team walked by admiring Elaina and jokingly asked Eric where Elaina got her good looks. Without skipping a beat, Eric replied, "Not from me!"
We were both taken a little off guard by such an innocent question from someone who hadn't a clue that she wasn't born from our gene pool. I was impressed with Eric's response; so quick, so natural and honest to boot! Nice job!
[Additional note on our evening: Elaina and I may have been the lucky charm that Eric's team needed to tonight as they won the second half of the season and now face a roll-off with the first-half winners. Oh... the suspense!]

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