Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Baby Boyfriend

Aahhh, my boyfriend. My sweet, little boyfriend. Anyone care to hear about my little guy?

His name just happens to be Lincoln, or Winkin’-Dinkin-Do, if you care to be technical about it. My baby boy. I still find myself in awe that this lovable little guy is a part of our family. Somebody pinch me. I am just in love with him.

There is nothing like holding my baby boy in my arms. I can’t get enough of the way his little chub-chub body melts against mine like he was born knowing how to give hugs. The way he snuggles his head against me when he sits upright on my lap. How his eyes lock onto my smiling face and he knows to smile back because he knows how much I adore him. And there’s really nothing that can compare to him falling asleep in my arms while we’re holding hands. This boy really has a good, tight grip too. Even since he was only weeks old, he would grab onto my fingers, arms or my shirt and cling on, showing his might.

Last night we shared one of “those” moments. Those special, quiet times that you share with your baby that wipe out every bit of stress from your day and make you feel like there is no one else in the world except for the two of you at that moment. It was right after Eric fed him his bottle and there he lay, wide awake. Usually the little stinker barely finishes his bedtime bottle because he has fallen asleep. Not last night. He drank, I hugged on him and he wanted to stay awake to watch t.v. with his dad. I surely didn’t mind to take him to his room to rock him to sleep. I watched as his eyes grew sleepy and smiled when he yawned and repeatedly smacked his little pout lips. Oh the sweetness. I think I even got a cavity from soaking in all of his “sweet.”

We held hands, I stroked his soft arm, his eyes fluttered as he tried to hold my gaze and he drifted off to sleep. My boy. Love. Love. Love! I slowly moved us from the glider to put him to bed and URP. My little loverboy yacked spit-up right down my shirt. That’s my boy. Stinkin’ little Lincoln. Moment is over.

On a side note, I did take Lincoln to have his 4 month pictures taken on Sunday just like I had intended. It seems as though we just never made it for 3 month pics. Since he had just woke from a car-nap, the photographer and I really had to work on getting some smiles out of him this day. Most of his pictures turned out nicely and will be ready for pickup next week. Really, how many ways can you pose a 4 month old?

2 Welcome Comments:

Katie said...

Awwwww! I've heard that boys are much more snuggly than girls. Do you agree?

Laura said...

I've been incredibly lucky to have 2 little snugglers.

I've heard that second children are more apt to be snuggly than the first. Since both of our kids were adopted and both have older half-siblings, I don't know if it would be a birth-order thing or luck of the draw for my kids.
No matter, I can't complain!