Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Original title, huh?

Oh, I can hardly believe this beautiful sunny weather we're having with just the perfect combination of bright, warm sunshine splashed lightly with a gentle breeze with just a hint of the smell of fall. When you live in Ohio and you can experience 3 seasons worth of temperature changes, all in one day, you already know what I'm talking about.

Last night, Eric had a buddy of his stay overnight so they could get up at the buttcrack of dawn to begin tailgating at Heinz Field before the Steelers game. Let's just say that when Eric's alarm went off at 4:30, this non-football fan was barely conscious. Seriously, 4:30 a.m. for a 1:00 game? We only live ONE hour away from Pittsburgh folks! Since Lincoln has begun to sleep through the night, the only time I want to see 4:30 a.m is when I arrive at the mall on the day after Thanksgiving! Hey, he doesn't make me go and I don't make him go. That seems to work for both of us.

Along with the gorgeous weather today, our town also hosted a walking tour of the historical sites and homes in our neighborhood which are over 100 years old. Our house just happened to be on the tour with a little podium set out front telling the story about a dentist and his wife who lived here in the late 1890's with their two children. (Yeah, our house is pretty old.) There were about 50 other sites highlighted on the self guided tour with little vignettes and activities throughout the town. I was thoroughly impressed how they had residents dressed in 1900's period clothing who appeared to walk through the streets so naturally as if it were really 100 years ago. All that kept going through my head as I was pushing Lincoln in his 2006 Costco stroller, while the super stylish Elaina bounced along next to me with her sunglasses and backpack on was, "Good God, if it really were 100 years ago, I'd probably be smoldering in a super long dress, dog tired from beating my laundry on a rock to wash it and hang it dry while I had to fetch water from across the street and still remember to stir the stew over the fire and not let my 2 year old throw bread on the floor that took me three days to bake!!" Whew! Sounds like I have it made in 2007! No more complaints here!

Look who took his first solo ride on the swing!!!

End of Summer, 2007 - Elaina finally succeeded climbing this ladder and stepping up onto the base, all by herself!! Good Job, Big Girl!

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Grandma H. said...

I read the blog and look at the pictures and find it hard to believe that beatiful little girl is only just a little over 26 months. She acts so growm-up! She's two going on fifteen. Grandma H.