Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why It Will Never Be The Same

Guess who got her camera back?

Guess who got her camera back?
La- la, La-la, lala!
Wahooey!After weeks of withdrawal, do you even know what this means for me and my precious blog? Updates!! Pictures!! Videos!! At LAST!
And just what if I did kiss my dear camera upon it's safe return to my home? It's home now capturing unforgettable moments with me and my kids. Between you and me, I think that Camera even missed us too. And just as a welcome home present to Camera, Eric got a super, giant memory card so that Camera will never have to go hungry again. As you are about to see, I've been doing my personal best to see just how many pictures I can stick onto one card and to make up for lost time.

My Camera is home!
Now we can resume the all-important update pictures. Remember our patio project?
It's done! The big 'ol ring off the patio just happens to be out newly built fire pit. We sent our stand-up, rolling fire pit home with my parents since they had gifted it to us a few years back and now we can both enjoy campfires in our own back yards.
As happy as we are about the end result of such a huge project, my favorite feature by far is the corner of the house which a small square was reserved for our kids' hand prints. It's funny to look at this giant slab of concrete and know that what I am most happy with is that 16" by 16" square in the corner which will forever preserve my kids as a part of this house as a part of history.

It really is all about the little things in life, isn't it?

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Kate said...

I hope our camera gets sent off to repair land soon. It seems to be reluctant to leave and sits broken in the house bringing me constant guilt. Meanwhile he grows... and grows...