Thursday, September 27, 2007


It's quite possible that I may have mentioned that I am slightly anal when it comes to doing things a certain way and trying to constantly be organized and efficient about everything I can control.

Since becoming a mom, most of that has just gone out the window. The only thing that I don't waiver at any level is anything that involves the spread of germs or washing hands. I just don't budge. Often times, I surprise myself at how many things that I let slip through the cracks while I try to rationalize some prospective in not sweating over the small stuff.

One thing that has become clear is that Lincoln is in need of a better schedule. Now that he is almost 5 months old and has proven to be big and healthy, we need some structure.

Our night went something like this: come home, play, drink bottle, giggle, cat nap in swing (while the big people eat dinner), bath time, lotion massage, play, wiggle and smile and then rice cereal.

I like it. Well, all of the one night that we've tried it so far. I just know that I need more sleep when my eyeballs hurt throughout the entire day because they haven't been closed long enough (for SLEEP) and when I'm falling asleep as I try to blog a simple little post and then have no idea if it is even making sense and then look at the clock and realize that it's already past 11 and I haven't gotten a thing ready for tomorrow and then I have to go back in my post to remind myself what it is that I'm rambling about....

We need a change.

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