Thursday, September 13, 2007

Should've Set a Better Example

Apparently, I’m in a little bit of a funk lately. You could even say I’m in complain-mode-overdrive.

So here it is, let me just lay down the cold, hard facts of my latest gripe.

It’s all about the laundry. I’d like to get my hands on the very first person who decided that their cotton blend shirt would appear to look better if without wrinkles. The very first person who heated a metal object on the stove, hovered over a stool and worked like a dog to smooth out every stinkin’ last fold and wrinkle as a result of drying on the clothes line. And that same person paraded around to their friends showing of their crisp, smooth shirt as a masterpiece of their grueling effort. Why would someone do this? And so was the beginning of peer pressure. Thanks alot ancestors, four score and seven years ago.

Is it possible for you to handle a little more? How about the person who decided that placing your clothes neatly in the most tiny, individual drawers was the very best idea? What kind of standard was that? Just imagine if some genius carpenter would have constructed a bookshelf of sorts with a door on front, lending the user the convenience to stuff their clothes onto shelves and nobody would see them! Brilliant you say? Absolutely! Dresser drawers, be damned. And even a step further, a standard for every bedroom would be a whole wall of shelving exclusively for storage; sweaters, jeans, wrinkly pants, wrinkly shirts and unfolded underwear!

Who’s with me on this one?

You may not have guessed that I spent nearly my whole evening doing laundry. Oh yes. I. Did.

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Grandma H. said...

My solution to the ironing problem--rank your outfits by ease of wearing. The best outfits are those that are loose enough for easy fit and require the least maintance. The worst outfits and the ones I wear only when down to nothing else are the ones that are tight or require ironing or special washing or special drying. To solve the drawer dilema, I bought an armoire-- only two drawers and all the rest nice easy to get to drawers. Yes, I occasionally have to dig through the pile for a special shirt but it is still much easier than a drawer. Grandma H.