Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Two-Too Party

It's really all about being two. Elaina is two. Cousin Colin is two. Many of my blog friends' kids are two. And now, Elaina's friend, " Ahh-Wee" is two.

Happy Birthday Ali !

(Ali is the daughter of one of my friend's and Elaina's playground and tumbling class buddy.)

Lucky for us, we made it on the invitation list to be guests at Ali's 2nd birthday party this evening. For the past couple days, I had been talking to Elaina to let her know that Ali was going to be two and we were going to her party. I kept telling Elaina that Ali is going to have a party and open presents and have cake and friends and we're going to Ali's house and that Ali was turning two. Every time, I was met with Elaina's same reply, "I two too!" Oh yes, you Clever Little Bug, you are soo two! The next thing that stuck in her mind was cake. She never lets the word cake slip out of some one's mouth without having them pay it forward.

Ali's party was mostly family, few of which we knew. We were fortunate, however, that Ali's whole family made us feel welcome and her grandma's even shared plenty of hugs with Lincoln while Mommy and Daddy ate dinner. Speaking of dinner... holy smokes alive! We enjoyed our very first southern-style shrimp boil. Whoa, let me just tell you that it was incredible! Wait, unless the word "fantastic" holds more meaning than "incredible"-- it was to die for! Shrimp, sausage, red potatoes, corn on the cob, carrots, artichokes and whole lemons, all seasoned and poured onto a slab of a makeshift table which everyone wallered around and ate with their hands. Basically, a whole mess of good!

So the party wasn't all about eating, although it easily could have been, Ali had a really nice birthday party. There were about 4 other little girls there and I was barely able to catch a glimpse of Elaina as she bounced from the little pink piano in Ali's room to the outside playhouse with some trampoline jumping and tricycle riding thrown in the middle- just for good measure. Elaina had such a great time that she tried to run all around the house and the yard to play with every single toy just one last time before we left. Those two year- olds sure know how to party!

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