Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ramble, ramble, ramble and a happy new year

I'm not exactly sure what did it. Maybe it was the Christmas music. Maybe it was exchanging gifts at work. Maybe it's the prospect of having 5 days off of work (in a row!) to spend with my family. Or maybe it's because Christmas is 2 short days away. Whatever it was and whatever it took, I think that I am finally in the Christmas spirit!!

Merry Christmas!

After Thanksgiving fell so late in the year and my dear husband's time being consumed with hunting season, things have been moving so fast around here and just the thought of hauling of the Christmas stuff down from the attic and going through all of the hassle of decorating the tree and the house, well, it just seemed like a pain. Worse than that, I hated that I felt so scroogey about letting myself get in the Christmas spirit because of the hassle it took to get there! Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but Christmas can sometimes be a lot of work.

Lucky for us, Eric and I encouraged one another and brought down storage container after storage container and our house has looked like "Christmas" for almost 2 weeks already. And I love it! Once I started pulling one pretty, sparkly decoration out, one after another, my stingy-scrooge mood began to slip off of me and I am ready for full blown holiday hoopla!

As of this evening, Eric has all of the gifts wrapped, we had our bags packed and the truck filled and ready to roll on out to my in-laws for Christmas celebration #1. Just as we were getting ready to leave, my mother-in-law called to warn us of the icy conditions of the roadways in their area and that the weather predictions seem to be favoring tomorrow for a safer travel day. In any case, I would much rather be safe than in a hurry. So, here we are, kids tucked snuggly into their warm beds, my final blog for the length of time we will be away from home and all of us anxiously looking forward to all that Christmas has to offer us this year!

Wishing each of you a happy and warm Christmas and a great new year ahead filled with blessings and with love!

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Tracy said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Happy New Year also. I made a vow to myself that I wasn't going to get all up tight about what wasn't done or rushing to get it done. That is my Christmas spirit. Everything doesn't have to be ANAL Tracy done. It can just be done. I even let hubby help make cookies (oh dear God does he make a mess!). THat is a first. I was running behind and he just stepped in to get it done. My hero!