Sunday, April 09, 2006

3 Hours of Happiness

That's about all Elaina was able to handle today. Previously, I had mentioned that she has 3 new teeth coming in and no cold. It seems as though I spoke to soon ! Our little Sweetness is miserable ! Overnight, she became consumed by a horrible cold. Just as she was getting back on track with sleeping through the night, this comes up. After about the 3rd crying jag last night, we cuddled her in bed with us and she was still suffering. She has got the worst congestion and runny nose that it's so hard for her to breathe, let alone, drink her bottle. We quickly learned to have a tissue, wipe or cloth on hand in the event of a sneeze. That actually offered her much needed relief as it allowed her drainage an exit. As gross as that is, it helped her to feel better for a little while. Most of the day we were faced with a tired, hungry child who is teething and can't breathe ! The infant Tylenol drops are flowing now right along with the teething tablets and Vick's baby rub and the vaporizer is on it's way. Her happy hours were few and far between today, mostly in the evening lasting only up until after her bath around 9:00. And then... the crying began. Flopping around, restless, yelling, real-tears-crying. As parents, our hearts are breaking with our inconsolable child. After what seemed to be an eternity, she finally wore herself out and fell asleep. Since Elaina rarely cries and is always cheerful - this was hard on all of us. Now, as I hear her crying a restless sob, I will conclude and pray that she can recover quickly and feel better soon ! I have to wonder what we have in store for us tonight.

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Kate said...

Hope baby girl is feeling better now. We're looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Give her a kiss from us! --Aunt Kate