Sunday, April 23, 2006

Backyard Wilderness

Have you ever had that kind of weekend where all of your plans fall to pieces ? Welcome to our life. Eric had plans to work a gun show in Syracuse and I had planned on spending the weekend visiting my family out of town. Nope - neither happened ! Eric's show wasn't offering much inventory to sell and therefore, he declined to go when it wouldn't really be worth his while. (Oh yeah, did I mention that he didn't have any business even leaving the house because he had a horrible cold ?) Thank goodness he was feeling more like himself by Saturday. As for my plans, my mom told me to not worry about coming unless I didn't mind taking a cold shower while I was there - they had a gas leak in and outside of their house which in turn, affected the hot water heater. What a mess ! So, we both stayed home. No plans. Just the 3 of us and some free time. Yeah !!

Saturday, Eric began yet another phase of our landscaping project. With 15 new shrubs and bushes, our backyard finally has some appeal. We're anxious to see how lush and full the plants get by the summertime. It looks as though it will be a growing contest between the new shrubs and our little bug.

You might be able to tell from the photo that hunting season is, again, upon us. Eric suited up in his camoflage along with Elaina before heading out to scout the woods. I had to peel Elaina from his arms to keep her home. He is determined to share his hobbies with her which include fishing, canoeing, camping, backpacking and of course, hunting. He says, "maybe when she turns 5 or so." Mom says maybe " no ! "

We did have yet another weekend of nice weather and with gas prices hovering near $3 a gallon, we took full advantage just staying home. Elaina and I took a walk to the park where we ran into some friends of ours. Angie and her soon-to-be 15 month old daughter, Abby arrived just minutes after we had begun to play. We pushed the girls on the swingset and had some good mommy talk. The girls swung for nearly an hour doing some talking of their own. Jibber-jabber back and forth followed by interested smiles and coos. What a lucky coincidence that they ended up at the park at the same as us.

By the end of the day, Elaina was so worn out yet her motor was still running. It took some long hugs and rocking to help her to unwind, but shortly, she was just a puddle of baby - out like a light ! The cuddling and hugs are always the best way to end a mom's day too !

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Kate said...

I didn't know babies could look that cute in camo!