Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hopping down the bunny lane...

It's true ! Elaina, Grandma H. and I hopped on down the bunny lane today right onto the Easter Bunny's lap ! Oh - just Elaina that is ! The three of us headed out for a day of shopping with a visit to the Easter Bunny as a primary goal. Surprisingly, the line at the mall wasn't long at all and after some primping and a quick spit-shine from grandma on Elaina's stick-up-hair, she was quickly seated on the bunny's lap. Elaina didn't really mind the 8 foot bunny as I really didn't give her a chance to investigate the giant fur-covered human that I passed her to. She was really more concerned about the crazy woman shaking a 6 inch stuffed bunny in her face as she tried to bribe a smile from her. Honestly - with all of the money they rake in from the mugshots of the screaming, crying kids all day, you'd think they could afford some better smile-bribers. Elaina did just fine though and we were satisfied with our keepsake photo and a full day of shopping. Mission accomplished !

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