Saturday, April 08, 2006

Party Girls !

Today we joined Elaina's friend, Kelsey, as she celebrated her 1st birthday ! Kelsey is the daughter of one of my closest friends, Bevin. Here you will see Elaina giving Kelsey her first "birthday spanking !" What a fun first birthday for a little girl ! Kelsey loaded up on toys and has an entirely new spring and summer wardrobe of fabulous clothes. She enjoyed her cake and playing with her friend, Elaina. As there is 3 months between them, you'd never know when they took off on their very own crawling-chasing-contest ! I'm not sure if Kelsey was trying to lead Elaina to her toys or get away from her ! Elaina was so interested in her friend as she tried to touch her face and climb on her. Kelsey was incredibly patient - knowing that she was still the star of this show !!

After the party, we enjoyed some time with our little "star" and even learned how to (finally) post pictures. I've matched a picture with each entry, however the dates aren't exact - just some pictures I thought you may enjoy. Be sure to check the archives to see some more smiles from our girl !

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