Monday, April 03, 2006

Nine Months Old !

Yesterday our precious baby turned 9 months old ! I have always wanted a 9 month old ! (Please realize that I say that for each month she turns.) She is such an incredible little girl and gets more fun every single day. Eric and I took Elaina to get her 9 month pictures taken. She played all morning prior to her appointment and during the car ride to the store, she was sound asleep. I had a slight suspicion that would be the case so we arrived to the appointment early so that she could wake up and get active. As our turn came, she was still a little lethargic and wondering why 3 grown-ups were acting so foolish as we tried to get some smiles out of our girl. She is rarely stingy on the smiles, but for a tired baby, they weren't coming with ease. We chose some springtime backdrops and even had some easter props. Elaina couldn't resist trying to taste one of the easter eggs - probably the same as the 80 other kids who had used the same props ! Her pictures did turn out sweet and cute, but her usual-silly-self wasn't fully expressed . Stay tuned for a picture preview link coming soon !

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